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Welcome to the Village of New York Mills
Welcome to the Village of New York Mills
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Deputy Mayor - Ken McCoy
Trustees - Kenneth Jarosz
Trustees - John Edwards
Village Clerk/Treasurer - Amy A Topor

 Welcome to the Village of New York Mills connection to the Internet. The goal of this Website is to provide you with a source of information regarding the Village Departments, Services and Organizations that are available to you.

All of the Village Officials and Employees are strongly committed and dedicated to providing the most effective service to the community. Since its incorporation in 1922, the Village of New York Mills has maintained a high quality of life for its residents.  Together with our neighboring Communities, we are able to offer our people with a wide array of retail stores and restaurants while balancing that with both modern and historic neighborhoods. Our village is also home to four churches, offers a public transportation system, and has a second to none school district.

I hope that you find our website helpful and informative.  I encourage your comments and questions.  You can e-mail me at

9-11 Ceremony

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend our annual 9-11 Ceremony to be held on Wednesday September 11th.  Please meet at the New York Mills Fire House at 5:40 pm for line up for the Silent March to the 9-11 Memorial located at 320 Main Street.  



Please come and carry the American Flag and join our Fire, Police, and EMS Personnel along with our fellow citizens as we keep to our pledge:

"We Will Never Forget"


Village Tax Collection

Village Tax Collection starts June 1st.  Taxes can be paid in person at 1 Maple Street between the hours of 9 am to 11:30 am and 12:30 pm to 4 pm Monday through Friday beginning June 3rd.  Payment can also be mailed to 1 Maple Street, New York Mills, NY  13417.  We do not accept credit cards at this time. Taxes can be paid without penalty until July 2, 2019 after which a 5% penalty will be assessed and a 1/2% increase in penalty each month thereafter until September 30, 2019 when they are turned over to Oneida County Finance for collection.

Red Tag Violation

The Village Board recently passed an Amendment to our Solid Waste Local Law Chapter 167-13 Heavy Trash.  


167-13-B. If a Heavy Trash Permit (green tag) is not purchased and a resident places item(s) at the curb without a tag, the item will receive a RED TAG VIOLATION and be picked up by the Village Highway Department.  A notice will be left with the resident/homeowner notifying them of their violation and fee.


167-13-C.  A RED TAG VIOLATION will be used for recyclables put out on the wrong day, green garbage bags put out on the wrong day and for heavy trash as noted above.


To read the complete amendment go to Laws and scroll down to the bottom and click on Amend Solid Waste Chapter 167. 

Highway Department Weekly Pick-Up Schedule

The weekly Highway Department Pick-up Schedule is as follows:

Monday - Green Waste Collection, will begin on Monday April 2nd, 2018 and continue every Monday (except Holidays) until Monday October 29th, 2018.  Please put your green waste out Sunday after 6 PM.  Please note: When a Holiday falls on Monday green waste will not be collected until the following Monday.

Tuesday - Garbage Collection for the entire Village.

Wednesday - Recyclable collection for the entire Village.

Thursday - Heavy Trash collection will begin on Thursday March 29th, 2018 and continues through the last Thursday of each month until October 25th, 2018.

For further details click on Departments - Department of Public Works - Village Guidelines 

Stormwater Management Annual Report
The Annual Stormwater Management Report is now available for review. Click on Stormwater Management
Welcome to the Village of New York Mills
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Measuring of Trees

Over the next few months you will see members of Oneida County Soil & Water Conservation District walking around the village identifying and measuring trees.  The Village of New York Mills was a recipient of NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s Urban Forestry Grant.  This grant covers an inventory of all the village owned street and park trees.  This grant also covers writing a management plan to lay out future goals for the village owned trees in New York Mills.  Having a tree inventory and management plan will help our community be proactive by identifying early stages of tree disease or insect problems such as Emerald Ash Borer.