Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

Highway Department

Joseph R. Cotrupe, Jr.

Corner of Sauquoit and Church Street
New York Mills, NY 13417
315-736-3204 or 315-736-9212 ext 555

Green waste will be picked on Mondays from April to October.  Please follow these simple rules:

  1. Greenwaste items, NO GRASS CLIPPINGS (shrubbery, twigs) MUST be put in Metal or Plastic manufactured containers with handles. Please do not pile on/or in wheelbarrels, homemade containers, or trailers. 
  2. When mowing your lawn, do not blow grass into the road as this plugs our sewer system and it violates our Stormwater management requirements.
  3. Springtime leaves must be put in containers, and not raked to the roadside.
  4. Green waste should not be put out before 6pm on Sunday for pick-up on Monday.
  5. Branches must be piled parallel to the street, and no longer than 6 feet.
  6. Trees or stumps 12" in diameter must be removed at owners expense or split to under 12".
  7. If a Contractor performs any construction work, yard work, tree/stump removal, the Contractor is responsilbe for the removal of all of the debris.

The Highway Department is responsibile for :

  1. Garbage collection along with recyclables
  2. Green Waste Pick-up
  3. Street Cleaning
  4. Road Maintenance
  5. Sewer Maintenance
  6. Leaf Pick-up
  7. Snow Plowing

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday -  6 AM to 2:30 PM