Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY



58-1.  Licenses required for certain public entertainments. 


A.  Public entertainment. No person shall conduct in the Village any circus, carnival, menagerie, tent show, outdoor entertainment, or any theatrical or musical entertainment or motion picture performance or entertainment, concert or exhibition of natural or artificial curiosities for which a charge for admission is made, or which is conducted for gain or profit, or keep or conduct any billiard room, pool room, bowling alley, shooting gallery or other similar place of amusement for money or hire, without a license as hereafter provided. 

B.  Dances. Dances, including dance exhibitions, which are conducted by any person, organization or group for which any admission charge is made, directly or indirectly, shall also be subject to the licensing provisions of Subsection A herein. 

C.  Exceptions. This article shall not apply to baseball, football, field sports or amateur concerts, performances or exhibitions. Performances, concerts, or exhibitions given for benevolent purposes after approval by the Mayor shall also be exempt.


58-2.  License fees. 


A.  Amount of fees. Any person applying for a license fee under this article shall at the time of making application therefor pay a fee as set from time to time by resolution of the Board of Trustees. [Amended 9-13-1976 by L.L. No. 5-1976] 

B.  Return in case of denial. In case an application is denied, one-half of the fee shall be returned to the applicant.   


58-3.  Issuance, expiration and revocation of license. 


A.  Issuance. The Village Board shall issue all licenses which shall be signed by it and countersigned by the Village Clerk, who shall keep a record thereof, including the number of and date of the license, the time and purpose for which it is granted and the amount of fee to be paid therefor; and upon presentation of such license to the Treasurer so signed and countersigned, and the payment to the Treasurer of the fee therein specified, the Treasurer shall endorse thereon his receipt of the license fee, showing that such fee is paid therefor. A license shall not take effect until the receipt of the Treasurer shall have been endorsed thereon, showing that the fee has been paid therefor. 

B.  Grounds for denial. A license shall only be issued to such person as the Village Board shall deem to be a fit and proper person to conduct the trade, occupation, or activity for which the license is required and a license may be refused for any trade, occupation or activity which shall in the judgment of the Village Board:

(1)   Be carried on in any building or place which is not provided with a suitable and safe means of ingress and egress in case of emergency and does not comply with the standards established for such buildings or places by the New York State Building Code. 

(2)   Be likely to be immoral or improper or disturb the peace and order of the Village. 

(3)   Where sufficient and adequate precautions are not taken to assure the orderly conduct of such trade, occupation, or activity.   

C.  Appeal. Any applicant who shall have been refused a license by the Mayor under the provisions of this article, may apply to the Board of Trustees of the Village at a meeting thereof, for the same, and such license may be granted or refused by the Board of Trustees. 

D.  Suspension and revocation. The Mayor may suspend any license theretofore granted until the next meeting of the Board of Trustees and thereupon such a license may be continued or may be revoked by the Board of Trustees for cause shown, after notice to the licensee. 

E.   Service of notice of revocation. Whenever any license shall have been revoked by the Board of Trustees, a notice of such revocation shall be served by the Village Clerk upon the licensee, either personally or by mail, whereupon such license shall be of no force or effect. 

F.   Expiration and contents. Every such license shall specify the object and length of time for which it is granted and when it shall expire. All licenses granted as provided in this article shall expire on the first day of March in each year, except such licenses as may be granted for one or more days, as provided in any of the foregoing sections of this article.