Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY



145-1.  Purpose.


The purpose of this chapter is for the protection and preservation of the property of the Village of New York Mills, Oneida County, New York, consisting of Village Parks; and to establish rules and regulations for the use, care, maintenance, protection, preservation and enjoyment thereof to the residents of the Village of New York Mills. 


145-2.  Hours.    


The parks shall be open to the general public hereafter between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. each day and at other times as may be authorized by the Village Board. 


145-3.  Parking of vehicles.


All vehicles shall be operated or parked only upon clearly marked and designated parking areas. 


145-4.  Damage or destruction of park property.


There shall be no willful damage or destruction of park property. Park property shall include, but not be limited to, appliances, buildings, trees, shrubs and amusement and convenience fixtures and appendages. 


145-5.  Organized groups.


Organized groups must obtain permission from the Village Board for use of the Village parks system. 


145-6.  Firearms.


Firearms, including any type of weapon, fireworks, explosive and dangerous instrument (as defined by the Penal Law) are forbidden within the parks at any time. 


145-7.  Disposal of waste.


Littering is specifically prohibited, and all refuse shall be deposited in receptacles placed at intervals about the parks for that purpose. 


145-8.  Alcoholic beverages.


Alcoholic beverages of any type are not allowed within the parks at any time. 


145-9.  Compliance with rules and regulations; ejection from park.


Those persons within the boundaries of the park, whether using its facilities or not, are subject to the rules and regulations contained herein and may be ejected from the park in the event they violate any rule or regulation. 


145-10.  Audio-amplification equipment.


The use of any audio-amplification equipment is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Village Board. 


145-11.  Live musical entertainment.


Bands, orchestras or other live musical entertainment, whether performed by one or a group of musicians, is prohibited from performing in the parks without the specific permission of the Village Board. 


145-12.  Penalties for offenses.


An offense against the provisions of this chapter, rule, regulation or specific provision thereof shall constitute a violation under the Penal Law and shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding $250 or imprisonment for a period not to exceed 15 days, or both said fine and imprisonment.