Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

PART II GENERAL LEGISLATION Chapter 162, SEWERS, ARTICLE IV, Discharge of Waters Not Containing Sewage


162-6.  Existing local combined sewers and stormwater connections. 


A.  Present situation. A regrettable and vexatious situation has been brought about by the deliberate introduction of stormwater flows into the local sewers and thence into the county system. 

B.  Combined sewers. Sanitary sewer systems of some of the local municipalities participating in the county trunk sewer system include some combined sewers. In many areas where storm sewer systems were not available, connections of downspouts, surface drains and other improper connections to sanitary sewer systems were made. 

C.  Continued use permitted. Existing combined systems and connections will be allowed to function in their present form. 

D.  Deterrence of future use. The purpose of these rules and regulations is to deter, prevent and eliminate, as far as possible, the introduction of stormwaters into the Village and county trunk sewer systems and all public sewers tributary thereto. However, it is recognized that in certain areas the immediate and strict application and enforcement of these rules and regulations against existing and established connections would be unfeasible and unreasonable. 

E.   New construction. This policy shall not be construed to mitigate in any way the application and enforcement of these rules and regulations against the construction of any new combined sewers and against any new connections discharging stormwater to the Village and county trunk sewer systems and public sewers tributary thereto or to the alleviation of unreasonable flows of stormwater. Nor shall this policy be construed to be used as a defense against any changes which may be ordered by state or federal regulatory agencies.   


162-7.  Discharge of waters not containing sewage. 


A.  Stormwater drainage, surface waters. Except with the approval of the County Commissioner and the Superintendent or as otherwise provided in this article, no stormwater connection from any building or yard, nor any drain from any catch basin, lake, swamp, pond or swimming pool, nor any inlet for surface water, stormwater or groundwater of any kind shall be connected to the Village or county trunk sewer systems or any public sewer tributary thereto or to any private sewer connected to any such public sewer. 

B.  Stormwaters from buildings. Within any area served by a separate sanitary sewer system no stormwater shall be allowed to enter soil, waste or vent pipes from any building. Within any such area no downspout, or leader, gutter or other pipe, drain or channel which may at any time carry stormwater surface drainage derived from hydraulic pressure or from well points, cooling water or sea water shall be connected with any sanitary sewer. Every joint in the connection to a sanitary sewer shall be made watertight so that no leakage into or from such connection shall occur. 

C.  Application of other regulations. Subject to the approval of the County Commissioner, the provisions, stipulations, requirements and enforcement set forth in Subsections A and B above shall however be subject in the first instance to the applicable provisions, stipulations, and requirements of any existing or amended rules, regulations, codes, ordinances or local laws adopted by the Village. Wherever there is conflict between these rules and regulations and the existing rules and regulations of the Village, the more stringent shall prevail.