Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

PART II GENERAL LEGISLATION Chapter 162, SEWERS, ARTICLE VII, Materials and Substances to be Discharged into Village and County Public Sewers Only After Approval


162-15.  Approval; when required.


Whenever any industrial waste is produced in such quantities as will, in the opinion of the County Commissioner or Superintendent, injure the public sewers into which they may be discharged, or adversely affect the treatment of sewage, or which does not yield readily to treatment by the processes employed in the sewage treatment works, such discharge will not be permitted into the public sewers without previous approval as prescribed under Article VI. 


162-16.  Wastes requiring approval.


The following are some of the industries the wastes from which may require pretreatment and/or approval before discharge into public sewers; tanning, metal pickling, metal plating, galvanizing, pulp and paper making, brewing, distilling, public laundering, laundromats, soap making, glue manufacturing, meat packing, food processing, wool scouring, bleaching and dyeing, munition manufacturing, oil refining, wool washing, rubber production, saltworks, slaughterhouses, dairies, dairy products, sugar refining, fat rendering, manufacture of syrups, jam or jelly, cotton textile manufacture or processing, or any industry producing wastes with strong acid or alkaline reactions or which will form deposits in or cause damage to the sewers or to appurtenances of sewage treatment works. The process or processes employed in the pretreatment of such wastes shall in each case be satisfactory to and shall have the written approval of the County Commissioner and Superintendent as set forth under Article IX. 


162-17.  Radioactive wastes.


Any institution or industry discharging radioactive material or fission products must be registered with the County Commissioner and Superintendent as well as such other control agencies as the law requires. The active elements and their local concentration permitted to be discharged into the public sewers shall be based upon the latest knowledge available in this technology and be at all times within limits set by this Village and county, state or federal agencies.