Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY



171-9.  Sidewalk dimensions.


Sidewalks and driveways in the Village shall be constructed of concrete at least four inches and six inches thick respectively and as otherwise provided in the specifications established by the New York State Department of Transportation. A stronger mixture of concrete or mortar may be used at the discretion of the owner and contractor. The surface shall be finished to a true surface with a screed and wood float. All surface edges shall be rounded to a 1/4 inch radius. 


171-10.  Sidewalk construction.


The wall shall be cut into separate approved lengths and slab form by division plates, which plates, of suitable rigid material, shall be 1/4 inch thick, as wide as the depth of the slab and as long as the width of the walk. They shall not be removed until after the concrete has hardened sufficiently to avoid breaking the edges or corners of the slab. The surface edges of each slab shall be rounded to a 1/4 inch radius. 


171-11.  Use of blacktop or bituminous concrete prohibited.


No blacktop or bituminous concrete shall be used to cover any part of the sidewalk, and should the sidewalk become broken, the replacement should be made in accordance with the specifications and dimensions in  171-9 and 171-10. In no event is blacktop or bituminous concrete to be used to cover the area specifically used for sidewalk purpose. 


171-12.  Village to do work in case of default by owner.


Upon default of an owner to construct a sidewalk in accordance with the Village Engineer's specifications as filed with the Village Clerk within 10 days from the date of giving notice, the Village of New York Mills shall construct said sidewalk and shall assess the cost of such construction against the owner of the abutting premises.