Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY



175-21.  Sketch plan.


The sketch plan initially submitted to the Planning Board shall be based on tax map information or some other similarly accurate base map at a scale (preferably not less than 200 feet to the inch) to enable the entire tract to be shown on one sheet. The sketch plan shall show the following information: 

A.  The location of that portion which is to be subdivided in relation to the entire tract, and the distance to the nearest existing street intersection. 

B.  All roads, structures, wooded areas, streams, utilities and other physical features within the portion to be subdivided and within 100 feet thereof. If topographic conditions are significant, contours shall also be indicated at intervals of not more than 10 feet. 

C.  The name of the owner and all adjoining property owners as disclosed by the most recent municipal tax records. 

D.  The tax map sheet, block and lot numbers, if any. 

E.   The proposed pattern of lots (including lot width and depth), street layout, recreation areas, systems of drainage, sewerage, and water supply (see  175-22 and 175-23 below) within the subdivided area. 

F.   All existing restrictions on the use of land, including easements, covenants, or zoning lines.   


175-22.  Minor subdivision plat.


In the case of minor subdivision only, the subdivision plat application shall include the following information: 

A.  A copy of such covenants or deed restrictions as are intended to cover all or part of the tract. 

B.  An actual field survey of the boundary lines of the tract, giving complete descriptive data by bearings and distances, made and certified to by a licensed land surveyor. The corners of the tract shall also be located on the ground and marked by monuments as approved by the Village Board, and shall be referenced and shown on the plat. 

C.  All on-site sanitation and water supply facilities shall be designed to meet the minimum specifications of the State Department of Health, and a note to this effect shall be stated on the plat and signed by a licensed engineer. 

D.  Proposed subdivision name, name of the village and county in which it is located. 

E.   The date, north point, map scale, name and address of record owner and subdivider. 

F.   The plat to be filed with the County Clerk shall be printed or drawn on Mylar or its equivalent or be clearly drawn in India ink upon tracing cloth. The size of the sheet shall conform with requirements of the County Clerk.   


175-23.  Major subdivision preliminary plat and accompanying data.


The following documents shall be submitted for conditional approval: 

A.  Five copies of the preliminary plat prepared at a scale of not more than 100 feet but preferably not less than 50 feet to the inch, showing: 

(1)   Proposed subdivision name, name of village and county in which it is located, date, true north point, scale, name and address of record owner, subdivider and engineer or surveyor, including license number and seal. 

(2)   The name of all subdivisions immediately adjacent and the name of the owners of record of all adjacent unsubdivided property. 

(3)   Zoning district, including exact boundary lines of district, if more than one district, and any proposed changes in the zoning district lines and/or the zoning ordinance text applicable to the area to be subdivided. 

(4)   All parcels of land proposed to be dedicated to public use and the conditions of such dedication. 

(5)   Location of existing property lines, easements, buildings, watercourses, marshes, rock outcrops, wooded areas, single trees with a diameter of eight inches or more as measured three feet above the base of the trunk, and other significant existing features for the proposed subdivision and adjacent property. 

(6)   Location of existing sewers, water mains, culverts and drains on and adjacent to the property, with pipe sizes, grades and direction of flow. 

(7)   Contours with intervals of five feet or less as required by the Board, including elevations on existing roads. Approximate grading plan if natural contours are to be changed more than two feet. 

(8)   The width and location of any streets or public ways or places shown on the Official Map or the Comprehensive Plan within the area to be subdivided, and the width, location, grades and street profiles of all streets or public ways proposed by the developer. 

(9)   The approximate location and size of all proposed water lines, valves, hydrants and sewer lines connection to existing lines or alternate means of water supply or sewage disposal and treatment as provided in the Public Health Law. 

(10) Storm drainage plan indicating the approximate location and size of proposed lines or channels. 

(11) The proposed lot lines.   

B.  If the application covers only a part of the subdivider's entire holding, a map of the entire tract, drawn at a scale of not less than 400 feet to the inch showing an outline of the platted area with its proposed streets and indication of the probable future street system with its grades and drainage in the remaining portion of the tract and the probable future drainage layout of the entire tract shall be submitted. The part of the subdivider's entire holding submitted shall be considered in the light of the entire holdings. 

C.  A copy of such covenants or deed restrictions as are intended to cover all or part of the tract.   


175-24.  Major subdivision final plat and accompanying data.


The following documents shall be submitted for plat approval: 

A.  The plat to be filed with the County Clerk shall be printed upon Mylar or its equivalent or be clearly drawn in India ink upon tracing cloth. The size of the sheets shall conform with Village standards. The plat shall be drawn at a scale of no more than 100 feet to the inch and oriented with the north point at the top of the map. When more than one sheet is required, a key map, or an additional index sheet of the same size, shall be filed showing to scale the entire subdivision with lot and block numbers clearly legible. The plat shall show: 

(1)   Proposed subdivision name or identifying title and the name of the village and county in which the subdivision is located, the name and address of record owner and subdivider, name, license number and seal of the licensed land surveyor. 

(2)   Street lines, pedestrian ways, lots, reservations, easements and areas to be dedicated to public use. 

(3)   Sufficient data acceptable to the Village Engineer to determine readily the location, bearing and length of every street line, lot line, boundary line, and to reproduce such lines upon the ground. Where applicable, these should be referenced to monuments included in the state system of plane coordinates, and in any event should be tied to reference points previously established by a public authority. 

(4)   The length and bearing of all straight lines, radii, length of curves and central angles of all curves, and tangent bearings shall be given for each street. All dimensions and angles of the lines of each lot shall also be given. All dimensions shall be shown in feet and inches. The plat shall show the boundaries of the property, location, graphic scale and true north point. 

(5)   The plat shall also show by proper designation thereon all public open spaces for which deeds are included and those spaces title to which is reserved by the developer. For any of the latter, there shall be submitted with the subdivision plat copies of agreements or other documents showing the manner in which such areas are to be used and maintained and the provisions made therefor. 

(6)   All offers of cession and covenants governing the maintenance of unceded open space shall bear the certificate of approval of the Village Attorney as to their legal sufficiency. 

(7)   Lots and blocks within a subdivision shall be numbered and lettered in alphabetical order in accordance with the prevailing Village practice. 

(8)   Permanent reference monuments shall be shown, and shall be constructed in accordance with specifications of the Village Board. When referenced to the state system of plane coordinates, they shall also conform to the requirements of the State Department of Transportation. They shall be placed as required by the Village Board and their location noted and referenced upon the plat. 

(9)   All lot corner markers shall be at least 3/4 inches (if metal) in diameter and at least 24 inches in length, and permanently located in the ground to existing grade in a manner satisfactory to the Village Board. 

(10) Monuments of a type approved by the Village Board shall be set at all corners and angle points of the boundaries of the original tract to be subdivided; and at all street intersections, angle points in street lines, points of curve and such intermediate points as shall be required by the Village Engineer.   

B.  Construction drawings include plans, profiles and typical cross-sections, as required, showing the proposed location, size and type of streets, sidewalks, street lighting standards, street trees, curbs, water mains, sanitary sewers and storm drains, pavements and subbase, manholes, catch basins and other facilities. As-built drawings shall also be filed with the Village Board and Planning Board if the construction has deviated significantly from the plans approved by the Boards.