Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

April 16, 2007: Special Board Meeting


Mayor Maciol called the special meeting to order at 6:38 PM followed by the pledge to the flag and roll call. A moment of silence for Utica Police Officer Thomas Lindsey and the thirty-three victims of the Virginia Tech shooting was observed.


Present:  Mayor Maciol, Trustee Baryla-White, Trustee Bialek, Trustee Jarosz and Trustee Semeniak

Also present: Village Engineer Al Swierczek, Code Enforcement Officer Dave Neary, Fire Chief Bob Glenn, Highway Supt. Joe Cotrupe, Planning Board Chairman John Meagher, Grant Writer Brian Thomas, Village Clerk/Treasurer Sharon Guca, Ken Bart, Joan Milewski, Kim Hubbard, Mary Satterlee, Stephen Satterlee, and Sharon Kubat.


Henderson Street, Burr Ave, and Royal Brook Lane Sewer Situation

Village Engineer Al Swierczek explained the problems caused by the heavy snow we just received melting fast and the rain that we had from March 13th to 15th and again from March 28th to 30th.  We had repeated sanitary sewer backups in these areas, which is a violation of our SPEDS permit to discharge any sanitary sewers into a stream.

We received a "notice of violation" from the DEC, they are looking for:

•1)      An emergency action plan;

•2)      Flow management plan.


Al has reviewed the May 1979 Infiltration/Inflow Analysis from the Sauquoit Creek Pumping Station Drainage Basin along with the July 1982 Wastewater Facilities Planning Sewer System Evaluation Survey.  This led Al to prepare a Flow Management Plan - Alternate A for an 8 year period costing approximately $525,000, and Alternate B for a 5 year period costing approximately $522,000.


Overflows in this area have been happening for many years.  Mayor Maciol stated that we received an extension from DEC until June 30th to respond to the letter of violation. Al is looking for direction from the board in which way to proceed.


Brian Thomas stated that there are not many grants available, but there are low interest loans anywhere from three years to 30 years.  Trustee Bialek would like to know if a loan affects our bond rating, we need to find out.  Trustee Jarosz does not think the problem is from the Harley Davidson & Cingular area.  Dave Neary suggested inspected the houses in that area to see where their laterals go.  It would give us some factual data.


Joan Milewski stated that between 18-20 Royal Brook Lane years ago a large pipe collapsed.  It was said that the water was coming from the Niagara Mohawk area.  The pipe is no longer visible.  We will have someone look into it.


We will have Brain check into low interest loans.


Trustee White made a motion seconded by Trustee Bialek to allow Al to prepare a draft using Alternate B to put us in complained with the DEC requirements, along with getting the input of each department involved.  Trustee Bialek stated that awareness and education of this plan is going to be critical.

Roll call vote:              Trustee White                          Yes

                                Trustee Bialek                         Yes

                                Trustee Jarosz                          Yes

                                Trustee Semeniak                    Yes

                                 Mayor Maciol                          Yes

Motion carried.


Mayor announced a meeting with DEC April 18th at 1 PM at the County Office Building, Trustee Bialek will attend.


The Sauquoit Creek Basin Committee will be meeting here Tuesday April 17th at 4PM, Trustee Jarosz will attend.


Ken Bart of Royal Brook Lane appreciates what the village is doing to resolve this matter.


Work Schedule for Summer Paving Projects - Al presented a list to be reviewed from the budget process.  Al, Joe and Trustee Jarosz will put together a list for approval at the May meeting.

Animal Nuisance Complaint - received a few of these, Dave will give a friendly note to remind pet owners it is there responsibility to clean up after their pets wherever they may go.


Board interviewed part-time Police Officer candidate Daniel Buley.  At the conclusion of this interview, there was discussion on filling the recent vacancy created by the departure of Ron Rudwall.


After discussion about Dan Buley and the others previously interviewed a motion was made by Trustee Jarosz, seconded by Trustee White to hire Dan Buley as a part time police officer effective May 1, 2007 pursuant to the approval by Civil Service.


Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee White to adjourn the special meeting at 9:20 PM.  Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee White to enter into executive session at 9:20 PM to discuss ongoing labor negotiations.  No action was taken.  Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee White to adjourn executive session at 9:48 PM.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                                Sharon A. Guca

                                                                                                Village Clerk/Treasurer