Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

June 26, 2007: Special Board Meeting


Mayor Maciol called the Special Meeting to order at 7 PM following by the pledge to the flag and roll call.


Present:  Mayor Maciol, Trustee Bialek, Trustee Jarosz and Trustee Semeniak

Absent:  Trustee Baryla-White (vacation)


Village Engineer Al Swierczek explained the paving bids that were received today:



Base Bid

Additive Alternate #1

Ocuto Blacktop & Paving Co



Central Paving



Barrett Paving

NO Bid

No Bid

Ulster Paving




Even the lowest bid was well above the budgeted amount for the pre-planned work area on Main Street in the Square Street area.


After extensive discussion, Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee Bialek to award the bid to the lowest bidder, Central Paving, but a majority of the curbing and apron work will be eliminated and the milling/paving area will be increased and some  handicapped sidewalk ramping will be done with an amount not to exceed $41,000.


Al also presented draft letters to the Towns of New Hartford and Whitestown regarding a request to them for helping us financially with some sewer repairs and at the same time we could build a "bank" of infiltration removal from the sanitary system for them.  Mayor will be signing the letter immediately and getting them out.


Al also reported that he is currently analyzing all of the sewer tapes from our recent filming of Henderson, Clinton, Burr, and Royal Brook Lane.  He will report back to us.



Mayor - Read a thank you letter from the family of Cheryl Rettig.  Read the Hilltop Seniors party invitation.

Mayor read a petition signed by 14 adults (12 village residents, two New Hartford residents) requesting that Pietryka Park again be staffed along with having activities there too.  According to the petition, 25 children would be utilizing the park if it re-opened.

Mayor stated that copies of the letter were left for Trustee White and Tammy Fisher.

Trustee Bialek state that due to the number of children possibly affected and that July is almost here, we need to act quickly on this, Trustee Jarosz and Trustee Semeniak agreed.

Mayor will talk with Trustee White and Tammy to see when this trial run would start so those on the petition could be notified.


Trustee Semeniak - nothing


Trustee Bialek - concerned about the blacktop that was put on the Clinton Street bridge sidewalk.  Mayor will look into same.

On a motion by Trustee Bialek and a second by Trustee Jarosz to allow Chief Glenn to enter into a 4-year contract with Safir for the maintenance of our air packs.


Trustee Jarosz - Discussion on the parking situation on Main Street at the Twin Ponds driveway.  On a motion by Trustee Jarosz and a second by Trustee Bialek, a public hearing will be held at 7 pm on August 14th to amend the local law that currently prohibits parking 20 feet north and 20 feet south from the Twin Ponds driveway.  The amendment will prohibit parking 20 feet north and 40 feet south from the Twin Ponds driveway on Main Street.


Trustee Jarosz would also like to see if the part attendants could assist the Highway Department by watering the flower boxes on the club houses.  Mayor will leave Tammy a note on same.


Board also had lengthy conversations on the pending negotiations with the Teamsters Union.


Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee Semeniak to adjourn the special meeting.


Mayor Maciol adjourned the special meeting at 9:48 PM.


Minutes taken by Mayor Maciol.