Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

October 23, 2007: Special Board Meeting


Mayor Maciol called the special meeting to order at 7 PM followed by the pledge to the flag and roll call.


Present:  Mayor Maciol, Trustee Baryla-White, Trustee Bialek, Trustee Jarosz and Trustee Semeniak


Award Sewer Bid

Village Engineer Al Swierczek reported bidders are requesting more time to submit their bids.  After discussion, Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Whtie to extend the bid date to November 13th with bids to be back to the Clerk by 3pm on the 13th and awarded at the monthly meeting at 7 PM.


Election Resolution with County

Trustee White made a motion seconded by Trustee Bialek to rescind the previous motion and allow the Village Clerk to run the Village Election March 18th, 2008 using the County voting machines, per request from the County.


Election Day Bake Sale

Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee Bialek to allow the NYMFDLA to hold a bake sale in the lobby of the Municipal Building November 6th.


National Grid Light Installation

Trustee White made a motion seconded by Trustee Jarosz to allow National Grid to install a light on pole # 44 to light the area of the 9-11 Monument.


Public Hearing on Zone Change

Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee White to open the public hearing at 7:08 PM.  Mayor Maciol read the legal notice that was published in the Observer Dispatch.

Mark Mojave presented the expansion of Oriskany Manufacturing Technologies located at 2 Wurz Ave, which includes a zone change from PD to M-1 to allow an expansion of the existing manufacturing facility by enclosing an existing concrete pad area.  Also paving and striping existing graveled areas to define parking.


Christine Krupa - 504 Main Street, is against the zone change, the previous owner put in the concrete pad illegally.  She presented a map in regards to the railroad project NYRI, if we change the zoning from PD to M-1 it could make it easier for NYRI to come in. 


Trustee Semeniak - asked if a building permit and plans will go to Dave Neary for approval.  Dave stated he would check out the engineering drawings prior to issuing any permits.  How about the noise?  Mark Mojave stated that the employees need no hearing protection; it is not a noisy operation.


Joanne Moskal - 514 Main Street, asked the following questions -

•Ø      How many parking spaces will there be?

•Ø      How many employees will there be?

•Ø      What about the traffic flow?


Don Ehre, Engineer for Oriskany Manufacturing stated that there would be 38 parking spaces, 50 current employees and an additional 50 more employees within the next five years.


Mayor Maciol stated that the amount of parking spaces needed is determined by the square footage of the building.


Trustee Jarosz - if the gravel and grass areas will be made into parking, how will this affect the stormwater?  Al stated that the stormwater management rules would need to be followed.


Trustee Bialek - what is the current status of contaminated property?

Mark replied that of the12 wells on the site being monitored, ten are considered non detect and two are at reduced levels trending negative, "class 4 inactive hazardous waste site".


Trustee White - asked is the glue used is hazardous.  Michael Fitzgerald replied that the glue is not hazardous; it is benign glue and not a health hazard.


Amy Topor - 500 Main Street - What is the overall benefit to the Village to change the zoning?  Answer - will raise the village tax base, and offer jobs at $14.00 to $28.00 per hour.


Ed Wiatr Jr. - we need to look at the economic impact - $ amount these jobs would bring in.


Tom Rowlands - would like to discuss the size of the building.

Don Ehre explained that it would be a manufactured metal building, one story - 16 feet tall, 26,700 square feet.  They will explore the present slab to see if it can be used.


Tom Rowlands - concerned with a building 50 feet from the residents along with the snow removal and ice falling from the roof close to their property.  Also concerned with the buffer to keep employees off the residences properties.


Dave Piekielniak - 2 Sauquoit St - What are the residents concerns?


Christine Krupa - the 50-foot setback for the property line in the M-1 zoning. Does not want any manufacturing plant 50 feet from her property line.  If they were to move in today with the present zoning and keep it that way she would not have a problem, but to change it to M-1 concerns her and the others.


Dave Neary - 43 White Street, - the purpose of zoning is to keep harmony and balance in a municipality.  He is concerned with changing the zoning to manufacturing.  What if they outgrow the area and move, any manufacturing company can move into that area!  We need to keep balance.


Trustee Semeniak - is going for a variance an option?   Yes, they can ask for a special area variance, which will be good for the present owner only.


Michael Fitzgerald - replied they are not interested in applying for a variance. Dave implied that he is misrepresenting his plans - Mike resents implications that he is not being honest and open, plans do change.  We are providing information that is the "best known information at this time".


Dave Neary - made it very clear to them that there were problems there and he advised Mr. Fitzgerald that he would have "a tuff road ahead" if you want to expand and change the zoning.


Lynn Cross - wants to hear what the people have to say.  Feels manufacturing should not be close to residential.


Joanne Moskal - doesn't think any residents have come forward to say that they want the zone change.


Pete Moskal - agrees with Dave and Lynn about the 200 feet.


Mayor Maciol stated we need to research the following before a decision is made:

•Ø      Stormwater management

•Ø      Past issues

•Ø      Financial impacts

•Ø      NYRIR Project

•Ø      Planning Board recommendation

•Ø      Fountainhead zoning change date


Trustee White made a motion seconded by Trustee Semeniak to close the public hearing at 8:05 pm.


Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee White to adjourn the special meeting.


Mayor Maciol adjourned the special meeting at 8:05 pm.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                    Sharon A. Guca

                                                                                    Village Clerk/Treasurer