Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

December 11, 2007: Regular Board Meeting


Mayor Maciol called the regular board meeting to order at 7:03pm followed by the pledge to the flag and roll call.


Present:  Mayor Maciol, Trustee Baryla-White, Trustee Bialek, Trustee Jarosz and Trustee Semeniak


Excused:  Highway Supt. Joe Cotrupe, Jr., Police Chief Brad Frankland, and Fire Chief Bob Glenn


Mayor welcomed Gary Markowicz back after his great recovery from his accident.



Dr. Rosinski - 170 Main Street, the alternate no parking signs on the east side on Main Street are making a hassle with the no parking on the west side now.  Discussion on changing the law to seasonal parking from November to April took place.

•Ø      Trustee Semeniak is in favor of seasonal parking;

•Ø      Trustee Jarosz is in favor;

•Ø      Trustee Bialek feels it is a reasonable request and is ok with it;

•Ø      Trustee White feels it is a good idea.


Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Bialek to hold a public hearing on Tuesday January 8th, 2008 at 7 pm to amend local law #7 of 2007 to keep the no parking signs on the south side of Main Street at 20 feet from Twin Ponds driveway from November to April, and to keep the no parking signs at 40 feet from Twin Ponds driveway from April to November.


Gary Markowicz - 56 Greenman Ave stated that the truck traffic on Greenman Ave is getting worse and is increasing.  Mayor will notify the police to check it out.


Pete Moskal - Main Street, presented specific written reasons to the mayor and board why he is against the Oriskany Manufacturing zone change and asked the board not to change the zoning.


Joanne Moskal - Main Street stated that ten residents on Main Street that boarder the Oriskany Manufacturing property are not in favor of the zone change and would like to board to support them.


Christine Krupa - 504 Main Street presented the mayor and board with the following documents:

•Ø      Project Description of Oriskany Manufacturing;

•Ø      Employment Matrix of Oriskany Manufacturing;

•Ø      Aerial view of the real property site;

•Ø      Property description report.

She stated that their Empire Zone application description says they currently have 12 employees and not 50.  Their parcel in the Town of New Hartford is shown in the Town tax roll as belonging to the Wurz family.


Calvin Hickling - 6A Campbell Ave is a five year resident of the village and states the village is a nice place to live.  He works at Oriskany Manufacturing and would like to see the zoning changed.


Mark Mojave - Oriskany Manufacturing, 50 is new employee projection in addition to their current 50 employees.  Told everyone to feel free to visit the Dwyer Ave building.


Mike Wolak - 303 Main Street, stated we have an eroding tax base and we need some balance, he would like to see business come in the village. He is pro-business.


Christine Krupa - pro-business is good, but you don't need to change the zoning, the board will have no control.


Mike Wolak - stated that we need a change.


Richard Panella - Henderson Street owns a business in the village that is zoned commercial.  He has expanded his building a couple times.  We need to welcome expansion, need to look hard at where our tax dollars are coming from.


Leon Hayduchok - Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church stated the village had fears when they purchased the church.  Need to know what the best business for the village is.  Mike Fitzgerald is his neighbor and is a good neighbor.  He could only be a good neighbor for our village.


Gary Markowicz - asked to be briefed with the Oriskany Manufacturing situation.


Joseph Cattadoris - 206 Commenale Crescent is also a friend of Mike's. He is in it for the long haul, he will enrich the community and he would like to see his solid business here, sees nothing but good from it.


Christine Krupa - the problem is if we change the zoning we open the door for problems, she feels they can work very well without the zone change.


Mayor Maciol stated that last month we had a motion to change the zoning but no second to the motion.  Robert Rules of Order state that the motion is lost, but we have never adopted Roberts Rules.


Trustee Jarosz wants to know who says we have not adopted them, were they ever adopted previously, does the adoption carry over from year to year?


Attorney Borrill said we need to adopt Roberts Rules of Order each year at our Organizational Meeting.


Trustee Jarosz asked what we are using then.


Attorney Borrill said that we have just been using standard procedures.


Trustee Bialek said if we are not using Roberts Rules what are we using, he feels we do use Roberts Rule; we have conducted ourselves as we use Roberts Rules of Order.


Attorney Borrill said that just because we think we operate by Roberts Rules of Order does not mean we are, they must be approved each year.


Trustee Jarosz said we should go with what the Village Attorney says, he has checked into it.


Trustee Semeniak said that seconding a motion does not mean you are in favor of the motion in his opinion.  We need to move in a positive direction.


Trustee Jarosz said that he hopes Pastor Hayduchok doesn't feel the board had any attack on Oriskany Manufacturing's creditability or business.  The issue is to change the zoning or not.


Trustee White said that no board member has any disrespect for Oriskany Manufacturing, but we have ten residents that don't want the zone change to happen.


Trustee Bialek is a businessman himself.  The issue is we need to produce harmony with business and residents, and we don't have harmony here yet.  Oriskany Manufacturing knew what PD meant when they bought the property.


Mike Fitzgerald said that Roselawn changed to M-1 last year.  He would like to submit a retraction to last months Notice of Protest, ones that he spoke with were not against the change, some signed to keep their neighbors happy.  They didn't totally understand what they signed.  They are withdrawing the signature of the Landmark Apartments per Richard Schmaltz, Partner.


Richard White asked why these people didn't come to the meeting.


Mayor Maciol stated we need to get back on track of this meeting.


Trustee Semeniak made a motion based on the recommendation of the Planning Board to allow the zone change from PD to M-1 for Oriskany Manufacturing Technologies.

There was no second; therefore the motion was not acted upon.



Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by trustee Jarosz to accept Abstract #7 -

General vouchers A381-A436 in the amount of $134,151.60 and Library vouchers L061-L069 in the amount of $3,447.32 for a total of $137,598.92.


Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by trustee White to accept the Treasurer's report as presented.  Check numbers for November: General 11261-11340, Payroll 6557-6617.


Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee White to accept the minutes of the November 13th meeting with the following corrections:


•Ø      Under Trustee Business - congratulations to John Maciol was said by Trustee Semeniak and not Trustee White per Trustee White;

•Ø      On page 4 Trustee Semeniak would like "no second, therefore motion is lost" changed to "no second, therefore motion was not acted upon'.

•Ø      Trustee Bialek disagrees with Trustee Semeniak's change and for the record would like it to remain "no second, therefore motion is lost".



Recreation - Holiday on Main Street went well, all items collected from the sleigh ride were given to the zoo.  Mayor stated it was very successful with positive feedback and a warm building for Santa.  He would like to commend Trustee White, Highway Dept, Police Dept, and the Fire Dept, it was a great event.  Trustee Semeniak, Trustee Jarosz and Trustee Bialek all agree.


Police - Mayor reported that on December 8th the first Annual Awards Ceremony was held by the NYMPD Benevolent Association.  The Village Board was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and a plaque for the purchase of the tasers.  Awards and certificates were presented to officers and employees.


The annual DWI Recognition Breakfast was this morning; Jim Toomey received the "2007 Officer Joseph D. Corr Memorial Award" for Outstanding DWI Law Enforcement Officer for NYM.


Last month the board received a letter from the union members regarding adopting a permanent schedule.  Mayor received a letter from Chief Frankland requesting to meet with the board to discuss this issue before a decision is made.  Trustee White stated he should have put his cons in his letter.  Officer Swenszkowski, PBA President, stated that the suggestions were from every officer to help meet the needs of the officers and the village.

Trustee Semeniak said the police want to do something for our community overall - this does provide a personal level and if there were an emergency he feels everyone would come to help.  We need to try something.

Trustee White agrees we need to try something even if only temporary.

Mayor Maciol scheduled a workshop for Thursday December 20th at 7 pm to discuss the above matter.

Trustee White made a motion seconded by Trustee Semeniak to approve the written police report which is on file in the Clerk's office.

Trustee Jarosz asked the Mayor to do a reminder memo to the police to call the DPW when needed.


Highway - Trustee Jarosz gave the report.  Would like to board to consider having the village dumpster available certain weekends and still have the last Wednesday pick up.   Board will think about it for spring time.  The last Wednesday of pick up in November interfered with leaf pick up, and the tonnage was low.  Maybe we should consider not doing a last Wednesday pick up in November.

Trustee Bialek feels overtime should be justified for leaf picking season.

Trustee Jarosz is not 100% in agreement.

Trustee White made a motion seconded by Trustee Semeniak to approve the highway written report which is on file in the Clerk's office.


Fire Department - Trustee Bialek stated that on November 7th the Town of Whitestown approved their 2008 budget which included Whitestown Fire Contracts monies in the amount of $447,865.  No public hearing on the fire districts amounts has been scheduled yet.

Engine 1 is having problems; they are looking into replacing the electronic relay system.

Trustee Semeniak would like to thank the Fire Department, Police Department and everyone that helped his grandson on Thanksgiving Day.  The family appreciates everything that the village does and thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart.


Code Enforcement - Dave gave his report and stated that the inventory is almost complete on multi-dwellings.

Trustee White made a motion seconded by Trustee Jarosz to approve the Codes written report which is on file in the Clerk's office.


Engineer - Al reported the Town of New Hartford has agreed to fully fund $31,000 for the Henderson Street project.  We will now be able to complete other work on Royal Brook Lane and Burr Ave.  The contractor is willing to do extra work for the Town of New Hartford to buy infiltration removals credits.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Jarosz to approve the Engineer written report which is on file in the Clerk's office.


Attorney - nothing



Towing Rotation - Mayor read the legal notice that was published in the November 7th Observer Dispatch, with the drawing being held presently the following will be the 2008 towing rotation list:

  1. Exclusive Motors
  2. Boulevard Auto
  3. Nimey's Sales & Service
  4. Norm's Service Center
  5. J's Auto

On the replacement list will be Beacon Body.


Firehouse Mill Bell - the two cement pillars are deteroting badly by the bell on the side of the fire house.  Trustee Jarosz will look into it.


NYS DOT Safe Route to School Program - there is a funding opportunity with a 100% reimbursement program for sidewalk work within the community within a one mile radius distance from schools; the deadline is April 1, 2008.

Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee White to allow the Mayor to forward the information to our grant writer to begin the process and to eventually file the grant.


NYS DEC Tree Grant - this is a 50/50 matching grant to purchase trees up to $2,500, with the deadline December 31, 2007.  Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee White to apply for the grant.


Fire Department Request - Trustee Bialek made a motion seconded by Trustee White to approve the Fire Department hosting an Oneida County Volunteer Firemen's Association meeting March 20, 2008.


Fire Department Election Results -Trustee Bialek made a motion seconded by Trustee Semeniak to approve the 2008 roster voted on at the December 3rd meeting for newly elected officers.  (List attached)


"Fair Housing Officer" Designation - as requested from the Governors Office of Small Cities to maintain records to insure fair housing is in effect we need to have a fair housing officer.  Trustee Jarosz made a motion seconded by Trustee White to make Mayor Maciol the "Fair Housing Officer".


Fair Housing Plans Adoption - to make sure our community is using a federal fair housing plan, we need to adopt one.  Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee White to adopt a Fair Housing Plan that meets our requirements.


Municipal Grant with New Hartford and BOCES - this is a shared grant to give New Hartford Schools, BOCES, Town of New Hartford, and villages of New York Mills and New Hartford a shared maintenance facility, a transportation facility to get vehicles repaired, and office space.  This grant is just to get money to do the study.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Jarosz to allow the Mayor to sign on for a feasibility study with no financial commitment what so ever.


NYMFD Ladies Auxiliary Request - Trustee White made a motion seconded by Trustee Bialek to approve their use of the fire house for their annual blood drive on Saturday January 5th from 8 am to 1 pm.



Municipal Building Air Conditioning - Mayor is working on getting quotes from an engineer.


Community Center Janitorial Issues - CRM Realty presented a quote for $100 a month to clean the Community Center, sweep, mop, and remove trash.  Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Jarosz to approve the quote of $100 per month for services. Attorney will draft an agreement between the Village and CRM.


Municipal Grant with Yorkville - we won't be applying.



•Ø      NYS DOT Officials have paperwork authorizing the state to come on private property on Burrstone Road to study for artifacts prior to their planned road construction.

•Ø      Milling and paving of Burrstone Road from Main Street to French Road will be bid in January 2008 by the NYS DOT.  Complete reconstruction is scheduled for 2010.

•Ø      There will be surprise retirement party for Matt Shannon on January 18th at Hart Hill.

•Ø      On December 7th Stan Babiarz received the flag that was flown over Pearl Harbor; it was hung at Purple Heart Park on Pearl Harbor Day.



Trustee Baryla-White - nothing

Trustee Bialek - would like to acknowledge the volunteers who put up the Christmas decorations this year. Mayor will write letters.

Trustee Jarosz - inquired about the police consolidation study - Mayor replied no reports have been given out yet.

Trustee Semeniak - our BlueCross BlueShield will increase 15% in January, he called Bailey Haskell and Lalonde who will look into rates and get back to him.  We have the community rate.


With no further business Trustee White made a motion seconded by Trustee Jarosz to adjourn the meeting and enter into executive session at 9:35 pm to discuss a personnel matter.


Mayor Maciol adjourned the regular board meeting at 9:35 pm.


Executive session was adjourned at 9:54 pm with no action taken.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                                Sharon A. Guca

                                                                                                Village Clerk/Treasurer