Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

April 15, 2008: Public Hearing 2008/2009 Budget


Mayor Maciol called the public hearing to order at 7:25 PM followed by the pledge to the flag and roll call.

Present:  Mayor Maciol, Trustee Bialek, Trustee Jarosz, Trustee McCoy and Trustee Semeniak

Also present: Village Engineer Al Swierczek and Planning Board Chairman/Assessor John Meagher

Mayor read the legal notice for the public hearing then Trustee Semeniak gave a detailed explanation of the 2008/2009 tentative budget.  Mayor reviewed the equipment requests for the Police, Fire and Highway Departments and explained the reasons for the cuts in the requests. 

Resolution 34-2008 - Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee McCoy to have a public hearing on the MS4 Annual Report on Tuesday May 13th at 7:30 PM.

Resolution 35-2008 - Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Bialek to move the November 11th board meeting to Wednesday November 12th due to Veterans' Day being a holiday.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee McCoy to adjourn the public hearing and enter into Executive Session to discuss a personnel request and pay increases for the 2008/2009 budget at 9:05 PM.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee McCoy to closed executive session and re-open the public hearing.

The Board unanimously agreed that part-time employees are not eligible for paid vacations, but unpaid vacations need to be made available as long as the time off doesn't affect the needs of a particular position.

Resolution 36-2008 - Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Mayor Maciol to adopt the 2008/2009 budget.

Roll call vote:              Mayor Maciol                          Yes

                                    Trustee Semeniak                    Yes

                                    Trustee McCoy                       Yes

                                    Trustee Jarosz                          Yes

                                    Trustee Bialek                         Yes

Motion passed

Trustee Bialek again stated that he feels, as he always has, that there is too much spending in the Police budget.

Trustee Jarosz feels that the school needs to certainly provide a re-imbursement for our police services given to them.  He also feels that two cars on the day shift should be revisited.

Trustee Bialek also wants to make sure that the Royal Brook, Burr, and Henderson Streets flooding and sewer problems remain a priority for us.

Trustee Semeniak also wants to pursue the issue with studying sewer fees.  He will also study the health insurance issue and report back to the board.

Trustee Semeniak made a motion seconded by Trustee Jarosz to adjourn the public hearing.

Mayor Maciol adjourned the public hearing at 10:42 pm.

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Sharon A. Guca

                                                                                    Village Clerk/Treasurer