Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

September 23, 2008: Special Board Meeting


Mayor Maciol opened the meeting at 7:09 PM with the pledge to the flag and roll call.

Present: Mayor Maciol, Trustee Jarosz, Trustee McCoy and Trustee Semeniak.  Trustee Bialek absent.

Mayor Maciol opened the meeting by stating that Trustee Bialek is out of town and is requesting a conference call when the board gets to the Americ Investigation matter on the agenda.


Resolution 93-2008 - On a motion by Trustee McCoy and a second by Trustee Semeniak to authorize the expenditure of up to $4,100 for various areas of sewer rehabilitation work as outlined in the engineers September 19th memo to the Village Board (memo attached).  Mayor Maciol and Trustee Jarosz explained the work to be done.

Trustee Jarosz also reported that Sal Granato from Whitestown has offered to assist us with some other sewer work.


Resolution 94-2008 - On a motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by Trustee McCoy the parcel of Village owned property off of Mill Street being sought by the Sitrin project is being classified as not being needed for municipal purposes and can be sold pursuant to its fair market value.

Mayor Maciol explained that Donato Appraisal Company put the fair market value of the parcel initially requested by Sitrin at 24,800.  The current and revised parcel sought by Sitrin no longer requests the frontage to be on both Main Street and Mill Street, but instead on Mill Street only.  The 6,000 square foot portion that had Main Street frontage has been removed by Sitrin.

Mayor Maciol also stated that pursuant to Trustee Bialek's request of last month to move the building further away from the Village's property has been accommodated by Sitrin as best as they can pursuant to their revised drawing.

Resolution 95-2008 -On a motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by Trustee McCoy, the Mayor is authorized to sign the purchase offer from the Sitrin group for the Mill Street parcel for the amount of $20,000 contingent upon getting a revised appraisal from the Donato Appraisal Company.

Motion by Trustee Jarosz and a second by Trustee McCoy to enter into executive session at 7:31 PM to discuss a personnel matter and pending labor negotiations with the P.B.A.

Motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by trustee McCoy to exit executive session at 8:35 PM.  Mayor Maciol advised that no official action was taken during the executive session and that Trustee Bialek was part of the session via a conference call.

Motion by Trustee McCoy and a second by Trustee Jarosz to re-open the board meeting at 8:36 PM.

With no other business to be addressed, the meeting was adjourned at 8:37 PM on a motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by Trustee McCoy.

Minutes taken by Mayor Maciol.