Village of
New York Mills
Oneida County, NY

January 05, 2009: Special Meeting


Mayor Maciol called the special meeting/workshop to order at 7:09 pm followed by the pledge to the flag and roll call.

Present: Mayor Maciol, Trustee Bialek, Trustee Jarosz, Trustee Semeniak

Absent:  Trustee McCoy (family emergency)

Mayor explained the purpose of the meeting was to continue discussions on the vacant police chief position.

Mayor Maciol then asked to go into executive session to discuss a personnel matter regarding some of the interviewed applicants.

Motion by Trustee Jarosz and a second by Trustee Semeniak to enter into executive session at 7:10 pm to discuss a personnel matter.

Motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by Trustee Bialek to exit executive session at 8:08 pm with no action taken.

Mayor Maciol explained to the audience that since this process began, we have looked at several options including:

•1.      Interviewed four (4) candidates who were on the civil service list;

•2.      Interviewed one (1) full time current member of the Police Department;

•3.      Interviewed one (1) part time member of the Police Department;

•4.      Explored the possibility of sharing a chief;

•5.      Continuing to work with the Council of Villages as the consolidation option is explored.

Trustee Bialek stated that the structure of the department is being reviewed.

Trustee Semeniak stated that the financial situation is being reviewed also.

Mayor Maciol stated that proper police coverage is essential to the community.

Len Marrone of Country Club Drive asked the Board to consider consolidation as an option.

Other Matters

Trustee Bialek stated the holiday decorations will begin coming down this week.

Trustee Semeniak spoke about the overpayment concern regarding National Grid that was brought to our attention by NYCOM.  He asked to check with the Clerk to see if we are affected by this or not.

Motion by Trustee Semeniak and a second by Trustee Bialek to adjourn the meeting at 8:18 pm.

Minutes taken by Mayor Maciol.